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Roof Cleaning East Sussex

Refresh Exteriors provide high quality roof maintenance in East Sussex, and are experts in the field. Regardless of what type roof you have, it can always benefit from some care from time to time, including gutter cleaning and removal of moss. As experienced professionals, we are well equipped to carry out the best of jobs on your home, and will leave it looking fresh.

Roof cleaning is vital to the appearance of your property. A clean roof lets visitors know that you care for your house in the beautiful Sussex area, and using our pressure washer amongst other tools, we are able to give you a tidy, cared for roof.

Roofs are fully exposed to the elements, and show signs of wear more quickly than most other parts of a house, so it important to keep your roof well maintained from the start. Regular cleaning can prevent the unsightly effects of wear and tear, and we are qualified to maintain your roof as professionals in exterior maintenance for West Sussex and the surrounding area. We are passionate about our customers having the most attractive home possible, and we always work towards giving you the best service we possibly can.

We understand that many people will not have even considered having their roof cleaned, and are happy to carry out more than one maintenance job per visit. With a range of other services, we can offer a quote over the phone, or face to face. Just contact us via the contact page, or call 0789 6001146.