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Jet Wash and Outdoor Care Specialist

Question 1. I have a Kärcher and time available. Surely, I can do anything you guys can do?

Well, not really. We use a petrol engined machine that is 4 x more powerful than a domestic pressure washer. We can achieve in a day what would take a week with a domestic pressure washer, except the bigger machine produces 3600 psi, so it's a much more thorough job as well as a faster outcome. The difference is huge.

Question 2. The glossy block paving sealants look very artificial. Is that the only option with sealants?

We use matt and satin sealants unless the situation requires a gloss product. These are clear coat products for cleaned driveways and also sometimes for roof tiles (after roof cleaning). We use three different suppliers so we can source the correct product for your situation. The resin-based sealants are not suitable for use during damp and cold winter months, but from Easter through to September, subject to the ground being dry, sealants can be applied to help keep block paving in good order.

Question 3. What exactly does the sealant achieve?

The sealant bonds a coating into the blocks and stabilises the jointing sand between the blocks. This sand gets displaced during the patio cleaning process, so once the clean is done and the sand is reinstated, one way to prevent the sand being washed out by the weather is to apply a sealant type coating. As with all chemicals nowadays, it isn't cheap, but the colour or tone of the blocks is amplified by the coating. Put simply, it enhances and protects the condition of the block paved surfaces. Sealed block paving can then be cleaned down with a domestic pressure washer for a few seasons before the need to consider sealing the surface again. It's not a forever fix, but is a useful tool for maintaining block paved areas where appearance is important. These areas are expensive to construct, so this kind of maintenance is a small fraction of that.

Question 4. Are you VAT registered?

No, we are a family firm and our turnover is below the VAT threshold, so we are not VAT registered and therefore not required to charge VAT on our services.

Question 5. Are you CRB checked and have you carried out training?

Yes and Yes. Regrettably, this industry attracts its share of untrustworthy chancers. Therefore, we are keen to differentiate our mode of business from the undesirable door knocking variety. We carry the documentation to verify our bona fides and appropriate industry qualifications such as training courses, proving to you that we are a reliable choice for our services such as roof cleaning, patio cleaning and window cleaning.

Question 6. Are you insured?

Yes, we have £5m public liability cover, as well as employers liability insurance for the team. Again, we carry this documentation to show customers for their peace of mind.

Question 7. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, cheques, credit card, Paypal or good old fashioned cash.