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Property Maintenance

As exterior cleaners in Mid Sussex, we are able to do the chores that you would rather not have to do yourself, such as cleaning the gutters. If you live in East or West Sussex, please feel free to contact us.

The lifespan of roof tiles varies, depending on the material used. Over time, tiles fade and begin to lose their water repellency. At this point moss can take hold, blocking gutters and attracting wildlife. At this stage, your roof tiles simply need a clean and a breathable coating applied to deter the build-up of moss.

In essence, we give your roof a complete health check prior to commencing work, and after cleaning prior to treatment. During the roof cleaning process any loose mortar will be identified on ridge tiles, hips and valleys. The cleaning process will also identify any cracked tiles.

Once we have completed the cleaning we will then carry out any necessary repairs, including the replacement of any broken or damaged tiles, re-bedding and re-pointing of ridges, hips and gable ends along with any other repairs deemed necessary. This work is all carried out by qualified roofers.

The cause of many roof problems is the porosity of the tiles. Please avoid having your roof cleaned without having it sealed with a protective coating, otherwise the cleaning process will only leave the surface unprotected and then the roof moss will return quickly and take hold more aggressively.

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