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Jet Wash and Outdoor Care Specialist

Oil Stain & Graffiti Removal

Refresh Exteriors in Hassocks are professionals at cleaning walls that have had graffiti painted on them, and at cleaning patios and drives where oil has been spilt and stained the ground. Our services are available across West Sussex.

Refresh Exteriors can remove oil stains on driveways and other surfaces using a specialist chemical that contains a biodigestive enzyme to remove the oil.

If tags arent promptly removed, you may find other street artists also adopting your property as a location, so beware. We use a chemical process that is highly effective and yet not acidic.

Stainless steel is routinely used in the detailing finishes of architectural building specifications. If these are near the coast, the saltwater in the air may create a maintenance issue. Not all stainless steel is marine grade, so anti-corrosion coatings and periodic maintenance is likely to be relevant to keep the surfaces in good order. We carry out this work on panels and balustrades etc. We are more than happy to do a site visit to assess a maintenance task that you may be facing.

Do you have any walls that require cleaning to a professional standard? If so, please feel free to contact Refresh Exteriors and we will leave you impressed by our efficiency and our quality work.