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Jet Wash and Outdoor Care Specialist

Roof Maintenance

Roofs are an important part of your house, as they offer protection from the weather as well as insulation, and they must also look as good as possible. This is why we at Refresh Exteriors are so passionate about roof maintenance, protecting your roof from the elements. The company excels in roof cleaning for Sussex.

We use roof coatings and sealants from industry leading brands, such as Kingfisher, Thermilate and SmartSeal. These products are formulated for professional spray application and come with 10 and 15 years guarantees.

Sun, wind, rain and frost all conspire to wash out the original vibrant colour of your roof leaving behind the familiar and unsightly mottled grey. Roof coatings act as a sealer to stop this happening and offer a rich range of natural colours which will restore lost definition, character and colour to your faded roof. Older roof tiles also lose water repellency and start to become porous as their factory applied surface coating gradually decays, retaining moisture and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss, green mould and lichens.

Roof tile paints act as a roof sealer as well as a restoration product, using the same premium acrylic polymers as those applied to modern roof tiles, you can be sure of a waterproof and highly durable finish for years to come.