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Jet Wash and Outdoor Care Specialist

Windows & Solar Panels

Solar panels get dirty easily, and we at Refresh Exteriors understand that this can reduce how much energy they provide for your house. We can keep the generation of your electricity at maximum effeciency by cleaning your panels. We are also experts for window cleaning in Mid Sussex.

We are happy to quote for a periodic clean, and also happy to do one-off cleans if we are already on-site carrying out other work for you. With the periodic cleans, we can discuss frequency that will work best.

We use specialist equipment which allows us to guarantee a high level of cleanliness. The water is filtered, which eliminates the minerals and fluoride that tap water contains, so instead of getting streaky windows, or having windows washed old style with a bucket of mucky water, it is more efficient and gives considerably better results.

As well as windows, we also clean conservatories, which can be difficult to clean without the best equipment. Using a portable work tower, we can access all manner of awkward places. The roofs of conservatories, orangeries and greenhouses are often prone to greening over and we can clean these easily for you, without using pressure cleaning, which may displace seals. We also use specialist PVCu cleaning products to help restore your building plastics to bright condition.