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Jet Wash and Outdoor Care Specialist

Patio and Decking

Refresh Exteriors are experts in decking and patio cleaning and maintenance in Hassocks. Outdoor areas need looking after, and we understand how important it is for you to be able to leave this in the hands of reliable professionals. Different surfaces have different needs.

Some will need better care on a more regular basis, and others are naturally more durable. Refresh Exteriors can quite easily, at a sensible price, transform tired and discoloured surfaces to look like new, and treat them to make sure they last longer. Click the image for more info.

Roof Cleaning

The lifespan of roof tiles varies, depending on the material used. Over time, tiles fade and begin to lose their water repellency. At this point moss can take hold , blocking gutters and attracting wildlife. At this stage, your roof tiles simply need a clean and a breathable coating.

Once this is applied it will deter the build-up of moss, meaning your roof will last longer without needing care. In essence, we give your roof a complete health check prior to commencing work, and after cleaning prior to treatment. Please click the image for more info.

Windows & Solar Panels

Solar panels get dirty easily, and we at Refresh Exteriors understand that this can reduce how much energy they provide for your house. We can keep the generation of your electricity at maximum effeciency by cleaning your panels. We are also experts for window cleaning in Mid Sussex.

We are happy to quote for a periodic clean, and also happy to do one-off cleans if we are already on-site carrying out other work for you. With the periodic cleans, we can discuss frequency that will work best.

Stain Removal

There is nothing worse than a stained, dirty driveway. Refresh Exteriors can remove oil stains on driveways and other surfaces using a specialist chemical that contains a biodigestive enzyme to remove the oil. For obvious health and safety reasons, this kind of work is best left to professionals.

Graffiti is never a pleasant sight on a house, and we are sure you would be devastated should somebody start painting all over your walls. Our graffiti removal service is fast and efficient.

Roof Maintenance

Roofs are an important part of your house, as they offer protection from the weather as well as insulation, and they must also look as good as possible. This is why we at Refresh Exteriors are so passionate about roof maintenance, protecting your roof from the elements. The company excels in roof cleaning for Sussex.

We use roof coatings and sealants from industry leading brands, such as Kingfisher, Thermilate and SmartSeal. These products are formulated for professional spray application and come with 10 and 15 years guarantees.

Driveway Maintenance

Tarmac drives and other tarmac surfaces require periodic repair and maintenance, most effectively undertaken after pressure cleaning for removal of moss and general surface debris.

We provide a tarmac surface re-instatement service, undertaking scalable repair work, depending on what the situation needs and budget allows! If the surface has broken open and pot holing has occurred, we can certainly undertake repair to the base substrate and then reinstate the surface.