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Patio and Decking Cleaning

Patio and Decking Cleaning
We offer exterior cleaning services for homes and properties in the Mid Sussex area. If you need decking, driveway or patio cleaning and protection from future wear and tear, we can do a professional job and leave your exteriors cleaner, and in more durable condition.

Patios show weathering quickly. We can easily and speedily clean and repoint them with our patio cleaning service.

Decking can get dirty easily. We have specialist deck cleaning equipment which avoids mess and damage to your wooden decking, and to stop algae and dirt which can make decking slippery and dangerous.

Tarmac driveways, pathways or tennis court surfaces accumulate moss over time. We can rapidly remove the moss, repair any surface defects and restore a sound surface.
Whatever has triggered you to think about refreshing your property exteriors, we are delighted to provide that service in a friendly and professional manner.